About Us

Sustainable Steps Foundation was founded in 2013. The foundation’s original mission was to help the village of Langtang to grow and develop by focusing on improving the village’s water supply, toilets, sustainable income and education system. A system to provide healthy drinking water was successfully designed and implemented, and there were ongoing plans to build greenhouses, but efforts ended on April 25, 2015 due to the earthquake that left only a few survivors in Langtang. Devastated by the loss of the community they were serving, the foundation quickly shifted focus to aid the immediate relief of rural villages.

Who We Are:

We are a group of volunteers from around the world who have one thing in common: our love and care for the people of Langtang village and Nepal. Some of us have volunteered there, and others are close friends who have known the families for a long time. Once we heard about the disaster, we got together to collaborate on our goal of helping survivors in rural areas that have been receiving little aid.

We are a grassroots movement – spontaneous, organic, locally created and supported, and informed by the needs of the moment. We’re on the ground, working face-to-face with the people in the villages, alongside them. We are in frequent touch with them, with sources giving us continuous updates, so we are acutely aware of changing needs in different areas. We are obligated to our donors to work in complete transparency; our relief activities are clearly communicated, and we post updates whenever we can. We are devoted to our cause. Our vision is to help the Langtang people rebuild their community their way, with our support on the ground, and the support of caring people like you.

Sustainable Steps Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organization in both Canada and Nepal. The fundraising supporting our cause is organized by volunteers in Canada and the UK.

What We Do:

Sustainable Steps Nepal endeavours to provide immediate relief for rural areas of Nepal that have been affected by the series of earthquakes that began on April 25, 2015. These underserved regions include Langtang and the surrounding villages. Once immediate relief has been provided, our focus will shift towards long term goals of rebuilding vulnerable rural communities in Nepal.

We will continue to advocate for the neglected needs of rural communities when connecting with other services and organizations so that support is provided in a timely and effective manner. We are also continually looking to network and collaborate with similar organizations to serve the Langtang community and nearby villages.

Immediate Relief

  • Organize volunteers and rescue groups, ensuring that they possess necessary knowledge and skills to complete each project
  • Purchase supplies for essential survival needs (food, tents, medical supplies, shelters, etc)
  • Distribute purchased and donated supplies to vulnerable rural communities
  • Fund medical expenses for anyone who has been rescued

Long-Term Plans

  • Assess vulnerable rural communities for needs beyond survival (e.g. socioeconomic needs such as public services, diet, education, employment and income)
  • Involve the villagers in the redevelopment of their community at every step of the process, from conception to completion
  • Generate long-term funding and support for vulnerable rural communities through crowdsourcing campaigns and collaboration with other humanitarian organizations

Our Team:

Gayaanan Jeyanathan

Canada, President and Co-Founder of Sustainable Steps Foundation

Kenneth Wong

Canada, Co-Founder of Sustainable Steps Foundation

Andrew U

Canada, Design & Development

Prakash Paudel

Canada, Fundraising & Technical Consultant

Helen Truong

Canada, Content Writer

Eliza Montague-Johnstone

UK, Student Volunteer - Medicine

Lily Russell-Stracey

UK, Student Volunteer - Politics

Lily Burnand

UK, Student Volunteer - English

Will Jonas


Samriddha K.C

Nepal, Volunteer

Diwash Lal pradhan

Nepal, Volunteer

Rajan Lamichhane

Nepal, Volunteer


Amit Shapira

Israel, Co-Founder of The Langtang Lirung Foundation

Einan Groser

Israel, Co-Founder of The Langtang Lirung Foundation


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