Solar Light Project

Power shortages were a common problem in Nepal; people went without electricity for many hours in a day. When the series of earthquakes hit Nepal, the severity of the power shortages worsened. The survivors of Langtang Valley had to endure nights without proper lighting every day at the Yellow Gumba, a temple where they temporarily set up camp in tents.

Originally, we wanted to purchase solar lights, but funding was an issue at the time, and we had to search for alternative solutions. It was by chance that Rajendra B. Shrestha, the chair of Kathmandu Valley Secondary School, was alerted to our post on Facebook about our need for lighting. Rajendra connected us to the entrepreneurs behind Eurodiya, who then donated 94 solar lights to 88 tents at Yellow Gumba.

The technology behind these innovative lights has proudly earned Eurodiya (also known as Nokero) the recognition as a finalist for the World Design Impact Price, and Semi Finalist in the Zayed Future Energy Prize. Their products strongly align with our values of sustainability and charity – by providing sustainable energy to light up the lives of the survivors.


They need our help. Every little bit will make a difference.


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