Winter Relief Drive

Gatlang village in Rasuwa District of Nepal has seen an unexpected amount of heavy snowfall this winter. The farmers who are part of Sustainable Steps Nepal’s “Greenhouse project” in Gatlang village have been braving this harsh winter alongside 400+ households in this village. In the aftermath of the April earthquake, many men, women, and children still live under temporary shelters with little or no weather appropriate attire. There is still a long way to go before the winter ends in Gatlang, and it’s still not too late to show your support for these resilient survivors.

We, Sustainable Steps Nepal, is asking anyone who can, to please send us donations with the purpose of buying warm clothes locally in Kathmandu for the Gatlang people. Please donate by using the Donations links, please be sure to select the “Winter Relief Drive” project.

For anyone wishing to support this cause in Nepal may do so by dropping off warm winter clothes (mainly blankets, jackets, and sweaters etc.) at the designated collection point.


They need our help. Every little bit will make a difference.


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